• All guests are welcome to attend free of charge and enjoy the Sedona Trolley, which does continuous loops to all locations.

    All guests are welcome to attend free of charge and enjoy the Sedona Trolley, which does continuous loops to all locations.

  • Honshin Gallery

    Honshin Gallery

  • Bob Ichter

    Painter Bob Ichter at Gallery of Modern Masters

  • Rowe July 2012 WBCW unveiled

    Ken Rowe, Rowe Gallery during a 1st Friday Gallery Reception

1st Friday Gallery Tour

On the 1st Friday of each month, from 5:00 - 8:00 pm, members of the Sedona Gallery Association offer a unique monthly showcase highlighting artists, special exhibits, and art events. These special art receptions give locals and Sedona visitors alike the opportunity to enjoy light refreshments while beginning their weekends with an exploration of Sedona’s exciting art scene. For your convenience, the Sedona Trolley provides free transportation to venture from art gallery to art gallery with the exception of the West Sedona Galleries - Goldenstein Gallery and Greg Lawson's Passion for Place.

Hillside Sedona:

Alt Gallery: ALT Gallery – will be showcasing new work by the “Master of Metal Art” Mark Eastridge.  Based in Maui, Hawaii, his captivating renditions of water in motion must be seen in person.  ALT Gallery will also be hosting Paul Nosa on his Arizona Sewing Tour sponsored by the Arizona Commission on the Arts.  He will be be sewing people’s scenarios with his  solar and bicycle powered sewing machine.  Come and get your custom patch sewn on the spot. 

Gallery of Modern Masters: Gallery of Modern Masters features Eric Wallis who comes from a family of artists. His pieces include drawing, value, and chiaroscuro with an emphasis in color and texture of the impressionistic art.  Hosted by the Schoolhouse Restaurant.

Great Southwest Gallery: The Great Southwest Gallery at Hillside invites you to collect a cross for Easter.  Scottsdale artist, Dave Bigelow has just produced 3 absolutely stunning wood inlay crosses!  His work is known for meticulous detail with very fine narrow strips of different kinds of wood arranged in beautiful patterns.  The showpiece is a large cross-on-a-cross that creates a 3-d effect.  Dave does not produce a lot of these pieces because of their time-intensiveness, and we are lucky to have any work by him.  Crosses are a classic southwestern art form. 

James Ratliff Gallery: Painter Jody Ahrens brings new landscapes to James Ratliff Gallery which are based on plein air oil studies and then evolve,through various stages, into geometric shapes creating a new feeling of these beautiful locales. James Ratliff Gallery invites you to visit and enjoy these lovely paintings in person.






Lanning Gallery: Lanning Gallery opens With Age Comes Wisdom: The Art of Bill Woolway & Howard Hitchcock and celebrates the work of these two artists who are 95 and 87 years old. Woolway is a celebrated painter of primitive art, Hitchcock is a leader in the field of ceramic shell casting of bronze sculptures – his pieces are ripe with humor and satire. 


Lark Art: Lark Art presents From the Realm of the Fantastic . . . The Fiber Art Characters of Susan Barmore.  From her marvelous mermaids to her cantankerous crows to her Bluebirds of Happiness, Susan brings humor and attitude to her original creations.  Her imaginative designs combined with her artistic executions certainly make her art delightfully collectible.  Drop by to catch a glimpse of Susan’s world and join us for a toast to it! 


Turquoise Tortoise: Turquoise Tortoise Gallery opens Larry Witt: Segmented Turning to showcase the artist’s elegant wooden vessels composed of from 500 to 5,000 individual pieces of wood. Witt allows the natural hues of his woods to provide his palette, from curly maple, wenge, pernambuco, oak, ebony, mesquite, bloodwood and more. Witt’s vessels come in a variety of shapes and sizes.






Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village:


Andrea Smith Gallery: Andrea Smith Gallery welcomes Kurt Wenner, one of the most recognized artists ever to exhibit in Sedona. Wenner is an American artist with an international following, most known for the invention of interactive 3D pavement art illusions, his work also includes large-scale oil paintings, ceramic murals, sculptures, decorative elements, and architectural designs.  His global success is due to the broad popular appeal of his classically inspired images. Wenner has created a collection of sacred art images specifically for Andrea Smith Gallery.  Meet Kurt Wenner on First Friday and Saturday afternoon. 

AZADI Fine Rugs: At their opening reception for this month’s exhibition Ancient Weaves: Contemporary Design. Wine and other refreshments will be served.

AZADI Navajo Rugs: Presents From the Looms of the Master Weavers.  Proud women of the Diné, honor the old ways, creating enduring treasures of beauty and desire.  The Master Weavers’ pride in their ancestors has kept their culture alive.  They are the driving force behind the preservation of language, religion, the tribe’s customs, and the creation of spectacular rugs using traditional design methods. Finely woven textiles that seduce the eye, invite the touch, and enchant the heart. This month they are featuring the work of Navajo Master Weaver Rena Begay. 

Honshin Fine Art; Gallery of Wholeness Harmony and Radiance: Celebrating “Flowers of Renewal and Rebirth Offered to a Spring Moon” Join them as they celebrate the Poetic relationship of Art, Science and Nature with new works by gallery artists Nicolas Kirsten Honshin, Kevin Petrilli, Lou Adams, Duly Mitchell and Paul Wisdom.

Honshin Fine Art: Gallery of the Ascending Spirit: Also celebrates spring with Flowers of Renewal and Rebirth Offered to a Spring Moon, taste their signature wine Arizona Essence, enjoy other treats. 

Kuivato Glass Gallery: Will be featuring the incredible work of Mary Mullaney throughout the month.  Mary creates stunning one-of-a-kind hand blown & carved vessels.   Each piece has amazing detail, light, & texture.  

Mountain Trails Gallery: Mountain Trails Galleries in Tlaquepaque is proud to present the highly-anticipated annual painting exhibition for the Grand Canyon 7.  Participating in this year’s event will be award-winning painters Joshua Been, Amery Bohling, Cody DeLong, Bill Cramer, George Molnar, Marcia Molnar, and Dave Santillanes who have become known for capturing the majesty and grandeur of Arizona’s treasure.   This year’s exhibition at Mountain Trails will showcase new Grand Canyon paintings as well as other works of art inspired by their travels throughout Arizona and beyond.   

Renee Taylor Gallery: The Gallery invites you to experience an evening of contemporary artwork by Arizona artists, encompassing a wide variety of mediums including steel, plexiglass, canvas and stone.  And browse our diverse collection of international and local jewelry ranging from inexpensive copper and brass to fine 18K gold and diamond collections.  If you love art, join us this evening, you’ll be glad you did. 

Rowe Fine Art Gallery:This is the night you’ve been waiting for! Impressionistic wildlife sculptor Joshua Tobey is back in Sedona for his annual show at Rowe Fine Art Gallery, and he’s bringing an array of new bronze sculptures. Meet Joshua tonight and again tomorrow from 1 to 4 p.m. and find out what’s new. Rowe Gallery is located under the bell tower at Tlaquepaque. 



Uptown Sedona:

Sedona Arts Center:

Sedona Arts Center: This month brings together artists who strive to go beyond the ordinary in their mediums. Gretchen Lopez is known for her figurative Native American paintings and exciting plein air  landscapes. Christine Debrosky has a luminous quality within her pastels while Linda Sherman’s watercolors simply flow. Mariann Leahy has taken her ceramic work in an entirely unique direction while April Bower continues to create brilliant one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. 


West Sedona:

The Trolley does not currently run to the West Sedona locations.  There is ample parking at both locations.


Goldenstein Gallery: Goldenstein Gallery in West Sedona holds its second reception for Impressionist-Expressionist as part of its dynamic three-month series celebrating different art modalities. When we think of arts most enduring and popular modalities, Impressionism and Expressionism, we don’t envision something radical. Yet in their time these movements were ground breaking and forever changed the art world. Among the renowned-featured artists are the stunning pieces of Karyl Bennett, Peter Myerson, Sherab Khandro and Art Decker – artists that continue the tradition of expressing something ground breaking with their work.  Sherab Khandro will also be Artist-In-Residence on Sunday April 5th from 1-4pm.


Greg Lawson’s Passion for Place: Greg Lawson’s “Passion for Place” Gallery presents a Floral Color show while offering a caution to hikers: Potential Flower Hazard!  Photographer Greg Lawson has crawled around the four corners of earth capturing its elements in oftentimes precarious situations for decades without incident. But in a daytrip to southern Arizona this month, he broke his ankle in nothing more than a field of delicate wildflowers. “First Friday” at Greg Lawson Galleries will nonetheless focus on flowers to celebrate the advent of spring and the return to floral season. Lawson will be in the gallery on April 3′rd, from 5:00 to 8:00 pm to greet visitors, but will likely be sitting down. 2679 West State Route 89A. 928-202-0340