• All guests are welcome to attend free of charge and enjoy the Sedona Trolley, which does continuous loops to all locations.

    All guests are welcome to attend free of charge and enjoy the Sedona Trolley, which does continuous loops to all locations.

  • Honshin Gallery

    Honshin Gallery

  • Bob Ichter

    Painter Bob Ichter at Gallery of Modern Masters

  • Rowe July 2012 WBCW unveiled

    Ken Rowe, Rowe Gallery during a 1st Friday Gallery Reception

1st Friday Gallery Tour

On the 1st Friday of each month, from 5:00 - 8:00 pm, members of the Sedona Gallery Association offer a unique monthly showcase highlighting artists, special exhibits, and art events. These special art receptions give locals and Sedona visitors alike the opportunity to enjoy light refreshments while beginning their weekends with an exploration of Sedona’s exciting art scene. For your convenience, the Sedona Trolley provides free transportation to venture from art gallery to art gallery with the exception of the West Sedona Galleries - Goldenstein Gallery and Greg Lawson's Passion for Place.

Hillside Sedona:

Alt Gallery: Alt Gallery will introduce three new collections for September.  Come see the spectacular Merletto art glass from Michael Angelo Menconi, the aquatic inspired art glass of Cody Nicely, and spectacular original oils from Maui artist Roman Czerwinski. Join the fun at ALT Gallery!

Gallery of Modern Masters: Gallery of Modern Masters will be featuring Eric Wallis.  An artist since the age of 7, Wallis comes from a family of artists.  His skills include drawing, value and chiaroscuro with an emphasis on color and texture of the impressionistic art form.  There will be an artist’s presentation at 6:30.   Hosted by Manzanita Grill.

James Ratliff Gallery: Presents the latest artwork of Colorado artist Lelija (La-lee-ya) Roy.  Ms. Roy specializes in beautifully nuanced multi-media landscapes which most often feature graceful Aspen trees spotlighted by the sun in their forested groves high in mountainous surroundings.  Come and meet Ms. Roy and learn more about what motivates her and how she achieves these lovely scenes.  

Great Southwest Gallery: The Great Southwest Gallery features Capture a Southwest Hummingbird Messenger.  This show contains a variety of different southwest hummingbird art forms including:  Zuni and Hopi Jewelry; Pueblo Pottery; Zuni Fetishes and Hopi Katsinas.  There are even a few older pieces and a small Navajo Tree-of-Life weaving with all hummingbirds.  Hummingbirds are considered as messengers between the natural and spiritual worlds according to Native American beliefs, and are often called upon in times of need. 


Lanning Gallery:Lanning Gallery opens Sticks: Joyful Art Furniture to showcase the now-nationally known collaborative of gifted artists known as Sticks. From Lazy Susans to benches and nesting tables to chairs, ottomans and dining room tables, all of Sticks’ colorfully designed furniture is handmade, hand-painted and of heirloom quality. Lanning Gallery also helps clients through the fun process of customizing Sticks pieces.

Lark Art: Celebrates the enchanting carvings of Hector Rascon in the exhibit From the Branch of a Cottonwood Tree.  With Hector’s skillful touch. . .angels, saints, and animals emerge.   Please stop in to preview Hector’s newest creations.

JN Muir Sculpture Studio/Gallery:Visitors can meet sculptor, James Muir and celebrate man’s courageous quest for truth and freedom as depicted through patriotic sculptures that honor those who have served and sacrificed for this country. This working studio and gallery is a haven for sculpture collectors and offers a behind-the-scenes look “from starting of the clay, to the finished bronze”.  Get a glimpse into Muir’s creative process and preview his upcoming works. 

Turquoise Tortoise:Turquoise Tortoise Gallery opens Children of Beauty: The Art of Sharon Brening and welcomes the gifted artist to its opening reception. Brening is the first woman to have won the prestigious gold medal award for oil painting at the Annual Western Artists of America Show and Sale in Texas for her vision and skill in portraits of Native American children.



Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village:

Andrea Smith Gallery: Possibly most known as the wife of a legendary baseball player, Debbie Clemens is making a name for herself as an artist. Debbie has always embraced an inner love for creating and a deep desire to lead a balanced life filled with family, fitness, fashion and fun. Her passions for creating lead her to her newest venture – Magical Mystery of Magnetics. Friends for over 25 years, Gary & Andrea Smith are delighted to invite Roger & Debbie Clemens to their gallery to exhibit Debbie’s new collection. 

AZADI Fine Rugs:Will be celebrating the kick off of their 1st Annual American Dream Art Contest.   The contest is open to Verde Valley area children (age 5 up to high school students).  The Annual AZADI Fine Rugs American Dream art contest was created to allow children to spread their wings in the world of imagination and to build on the essential elements that art and creativity bring to their lives.  The theme is the American Dream.  A handmade rug will be woven based on the winners design.  

AZADI Navajo Rugs: Highlights stunning pieces from many designs within the Navajo tradition capturing the legacy of the Native American Spirit.

Honshin Fine Art; Gallery of Wholeness Harmony and Radiance: Celebrates the Poetic relationship of Art, Science and Nature with new works by gallery artists Nicolas Kirsten Honshin, Kevin Petrilli, Lou Adams, Duly Mitchell and Paul Wisdom.

Honshin Fine Art: Gallery of the Ascending Spirit: Featuring a 20-minute presentation, “Words Falling from the Sky in the Present Moment.” at 7:30pm
 on the porch, Suite C205, The Gallery of the Ascending Spirit.

Kuivato Glass Gallery: Will be featuring the incredible work of Mary Mullaney throughout the month.  Mary creates stunning one-of-a-kind hand blown & carved vessels.   Each piece has amazing detail, light, & texture. 

Mountain Trails Gallery: Presents Stories from the West.   Intriguing historical accounts and spirited renditions from the American West will be featured in the painting and sculpture by master storytellers painter Steven Lang of Cherokee and Pawnee descent, southwest historian and artifact painter Lisa Danielle, painter of tribal traditions Vicki Catapano, mountain man and buffalo hunter Dan Deuter, and cowboy and cowgirl ways in the paintings of Don Weller, Marcia Molnar and Sarah Phippen.  Also featured are powerful historical and cultural stories that unfold in the sculpture of Vic Payne, Dustin Payne, Michael Trcic, Susan Kliewer, Ed Yazzi, and Deon Duncan.  Delightful and realistic wildlife  in bronze  by Jim Gilmore and Sandy Scott will also be on exhibit. 

Renee Taylor Gallery: The Gallery invites you to experience an evening of contemporary artwork by Arizona artists, encompassing a wide variety of mediums including steel, plexiglass, canvas and stone.  And browse our diverse collection of international and local jewelry ranging from inexpensive copper and brass to fine 18K gold and diamond collections.  If you love art, join us this evening, you’ll be glad you did.

Rowe Fine Art Gallery:Rowe Gallery presents a tribute to wildlife bronze sculptor Ken Rowe during Labors of Love tonight only. Stop by to meet Ken, hear about his recent adventures in Alaska and see his latest pre-cast sculpture. The gallery is located under the historic bell tower in Tlaquepaque. Wine and appetizers will be served. 

Uptown Sedona:

Sedona Arts Center:Earth Spirits are brought to life at Sedona Arts Center in Uptown Sedona September 5–30, 2014.  It is said that Earth Spirits bring order and structure to the creative impulses that emanate from our souls. Come explore the rich and engaging art that is not only grounded to the earth with the materials the artists’ use, but also in the final work they create. Mary Flaisig weaves flowing fiber structure wall-hangings, Jeffrey Perkins molds clay with his hands creating unique pottery, Joan Roberts creates jewelry based on items from nature and David Haskell and Jane Roberts interpret the landscapes they see on canvas. 

West Sedona:

The Trolley does not currently run to the West Sedona locations.  There is ample parking at both locations.

Goldenstein Gallery: Goldenstein Gallery presents its 2nd Annual Beyond Tradition show. Some of the gallery artists whose work will be featured in this show are painters Karyl Bennett, Keith Schall, Allen Powell and sculptors Kevin McCarthy, Mike Medow and Glendon Good and new gallery artist Gregg Payne whose giant wind chimes are now in their renowned sculpture garden.

Greg Lawson’s Passion for Place: Greg Lawson Galleries invites visitors on a visual journey with new images featuring a “Northern Exposure.”  Sense naturalist/photographer Greg Lawson’s “passion for place” through initial releases from his 2014 expeditions into Scandinavia and Northern Ireland alongside his extensive collection of natural world, landscape, wildlife and global destination images. Located “out west” at 2679 West State Route 89A, at the Harmony Drive intersection.