• All guests are welcome to attend free of charge and enjoy the Sedona Trolley, which does continuous loops to all locations.

    All guests are welcome to attend free of charge and enjoy the Sedona Trolley, which does continuous loops to all locations.

  • Honshin Gallery

    Honshin Gallery

  • Bob Ichter

    Painter Bob Ichter at Gallery of Modern Masters

  • Rowe July 2012 WBCW unveiled

    Ken Rowe, Rowe Gallery during a 1st Friday Gallery Reception

1st Friday Gallery Tour

On the 1st Friday of each month, from 5:00 - 8:00 pm, members of the Sedona Gallery Association offer a unique monthly showcase highlighting artists, special exhibits, and art events. These special art receptions give locals and Sedona visitors alike the opportunity to enjoy light refreshments while beginning their weekends with an exploration of Sedona’s exciting art scene. For your convenience, the Sedona Trolley provides free transportation to venture from art gallery to art gallery with the exception of the West Sedona Galleries - Goldenstein Gallery and Greg Lawson's Passion for Place.

Hillside Sedona:

Alt Gallery: ALT Gallery – features the finest secondary market art in Northern Arizona.  Stop in to see the newest arrivals.  Showcasing original paintings, bronze, art glass, rare books and now vinyl LP’s.

Gallery of Modern Masters: Gallery of Modern Masters showcases husband and wife team Marlys Mallet and Michael Redhawk whose ‘Unisons’ combine their talents to create unique paintings that encompass an abstract outer border with a more realistic center style and their latest ‘Stone Creations’ with a rare fossil or stone in the center. There will be an artist’s presentation at 6:30 pm.

James Ratliff Gallery: James Ratliff Gallery invites you to meet Navajo artist David K. John and learn more about traditional beliefs and ceremonies as depicted through John’s paintings and clay masks.   Mr. John has named this show Glitter World because of the widely held Navajo belief in four worlds.  According to Navajo belief, there are Four Worlds. This Fourth World is where we currently are living and Mr. John sees these times also as the Glitter world due to the dazzling array of goods to beguile us.




Lanning Gallery: Lanning Gallery opens Johnathan Harris and Howard Hitchcock to showcase both artists’ works and welcomes landscape painter Johnathan Harris to the opening reception to meet visitors. His scenes are captured in joyful, unrestrained color that departs just enough from realism to fully convey the emotions of each scene. Hitchcock’s bronze sculptures are created with the ceramic shell casting process which he, literally, wrote the book on during his decades as a university art professor. Howard Hitchcock’s contemporary sculptures, creatively composed of human figures, have must-read titles that capture their irony, cleverness or thought-provoking elements.

Lark Art: Lark Art invites you to celebrate Stories and Legends . . . The Narrative Art of Tim Hitchcock.  Working both as a carver and a painter, Tim merges his talents.  The result is magical art which brings beloved stories and legends to life from Noah’s Ark and Adam and Eve to Alice in Wonderland and Faust.

Turquoise Tortoise: Turquoise Tortoise Gallery opens Native American Narrative: The Art of Baje Whitethorne, Sr. and hosts the esteemed Navajo artist at the gallery so visitors can meet him and learn more about his work. Whitethorne paints in a combination of a narrative realism style and abstraction to capture the world of his Navajo people. Whitethorne’s oil paintings convey a rich sense of story and subject, place and memory. For the Baje Whitethorne, Sr. today’s reality, as he paints it, is rich with yesterday’s history.

Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village:

Andrea Smith Gallery: Possibly best known as wife of Roger Clemens, Debbie Clemens has made a name for herself in Sedona with her very popular jewelry line. Best seller Metatron is the highest angel, and includes everything God has created in one sacred geometric shape. The chakras (made of Swarovski crystals) are important because they create harmony and balance. Meet Debbie at the Andrea Smith Gallery in Tlaquepaque May 6th 5-8 PM and 7th from 12-4.

AZADI Fine Rugs: At their opening reception for this month’s exhibition Ancient Weaves: Contemporary Design. Wine and other refreshments will be served.

AZADI Navajo Rugs: Presents From the Looms of the Master Weavers.  Proud women of the Diné, honor the old ways, creating enduring treasures of beauty and desire.  The Master Weavers’ pride in their ancestors has kept their culture alive.  They are the driving force behind the preservation of language, religion, the tribe’s customs, and the creation of spectacular rugs using traditional design methods.

Great Southwest Gallery: May is the month for southwest art lovers at The Great Southwest Gallery in Talaquepaque!  You will love 3 outstanding Navajo pieces.  “Dancing with the Stars,” is Al Baje’s beautiful oil painting depicting a contemporary Yei figure being joined by more of them appearing as shadows as well as surrounding star symbols.  Jack Black’s single Yei bust emerging from an explosion of acrylic colors gets your attention.  And Baatsoslani Joe’s truely incredible sandpainting of a red pottery jar with a basket in the background and encircling Kokopellis begs for closer inspection.

Honshin Fine Art: Gallery of Wholeness Harmony and Radiance: Honshin Fine Art celebrates Messengers of the Mystic: The Wisdom Keepers. This special exhibit celebrates the powerful symbolism of owls throughout multiple cultures. Join them for special treats including cookies from the Cookie Alchemist and their celebrated Poetry on the Porch event at 7:30.

Honshin Fine Art: Gallery of the Ascending Spirit: Also celebrates Messengers of the Mystic: The Wisdom Keepers. Taste their signature wine Arizona Essence and enjoy other treats. Poetry on the Porch at 7:30pm

Kuivato Glass Gallery: Will be featuring the incredible work of Mary Mullaney throughout the month.  Mary creates stunning one-of-a-kind hand blown & carved vessels.   Each piece has amazing detail, light, & texture.

Mountain Trails Gallery: Mountain Trails Gallery is proud to present Of Land and Sky:  Ranching and the Great Outdoors.  From big open skies to ranching the West, sculpture and painting that pay tribute to the great outdoors and the passion that keeps the West alive today.

Renee Taylor Gallery: The Gallery invites you to experience an evening of contemporary artwork by Arizona artists, encompassing a wide variety of mediums including steel, plexiglass, canvas and stone.  And browse our diverse collection of international and local jewelry ranging from inexpensive copper and brass to fine 18K gold and diamond collections.  If you love art, join us this evening, you’ll be glad you did.

Rowe Fine Art Gallery: Come meet animal ambassadors from Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center and Runnin’ W Wildlife Center at Rowe Fine Art Gallery during Forget Me Not, an interactive art show and fundraiser for the local wildlife organizations. Artists Ken Rowe and Kim Kori will debut new sculptures during the show. One night only! Rowe Fine Art Gallery is located under the historic bell tower at Tlaquepaque.

Uptown Sedona:

Sedona Arts Center:

Sedona Arts Gallery is featuring five local artists this May during the Walking in Beauty Exhibition. The show combines photography, jewelry, acrylics, fiber and ceramics, which runs from May 6 through 31. Join us First Friday, May 6 from 5 to 8pm for our opening reception. The show features works by Elaine Belvin, Lydia Dillon-Sutton, John Foster, Sue Horine, and Christie Palmer.

West Sedona:

The Trolley does not currently run to the West Sedona locations.  There is ample parking at both locations.

Goldenstein Gallery: When we think of arts most enduring and popular modalities, Impressionism and Expressionism, we don’t envision something radical. Yet in their time these movements were ground breaking and forever changed the art world. Goldenstein Gallery in West Sedona holds an opening reception for Impressionist-Expressionist as part of its dynamic two-month series celebrating different art modalities. This month JA Gorman, Lucius Upshaw, Michael J Chesley, Alok, Art Decker and Mark Rownd are among the featured artists that continue the tradition of expressing something ground breaking with their work.

Greg Lawson’s Passion for Place: Greg Lawson’s Passion for Place gallery in West Sedona offers views of native and naturalized plant life from six continents in their Roots of Contentment art show which includes a special feature on North American flora in celebration of National Wildflower Week. The exhibition’s images range from expansive forests down to intimate floral details, and some of the world’s oldest trees to ephemeral wildflower fields that dominate spring’s landscape with color splash.2679 West State Route 89A. 928-202-0340