• All guests are welcome to attend free of charge and enjoy the Sedona Trolley, which does continuous loops to all locations.

    All guests are welcome to attend free of charge and enjoy the Sedona Trolley, which does continuous loops to all locations.

  • Honshin Gallery

    Honshin Gallery

  • Bob Ichter

    Painter Bob Ichter at Gallery of Modern Masters

  • Rowe July 2012 WBCW unveiled

    Ken Rowe, Rowe Gallery during a 1st Friday Gallery Reception

1st Friday Gallery Tour

On the 1st Friday of each month, from 5:00 - 8:00 pm, members of the Sedona Gallery Association offer a unique monthly showcase highlighting artists, special exhibits, and art events. These special art receptions give locals and Sedona visitors alike the opportunity to enjoy light refreshments while beginning their weekends with an exploration of Sedona’s exciting art scene. For your convenience, the Sedona Trolley provides free transportation to venture from art gallery to art gallery with the exception of the West Sedona Galleries - Goldenstein Gallery and Greg Lawson's Passion for Place.

Hillside Sedona:

Alt Gallery: ALT Gallery wishes every one Happy Independence Day.

Gallery of Modern Masters: Gallery of Modern Masters will be featuring Eileen Roberts whose life has been one of transitions taking her from a career in commercial design and teaching back to her first love – painting.  Her abstract pieces are fresh and invigorating. Hosted by Szechuan Restaurant, Roberts will give a presentation at 6:30. 

James Ratliff Gallery: James Ratliff Gallery offers an interesting array of artwork which exemplifies the great freedom we as Americans  have to put into form that which motivates us to create….whether the stimulation comes from outside events or scenes or from inner musings….we’re free to express it and also free to enjoy viewing it or not.  James Ratliff Gallery artists explore the vistas of America’s landscapes, both inner and outer, real and imagined; challenge what’s within and waiting to be expressed in sculpture ; assembled gems, stones, beads and found objects for adornment; reach into the depths of the past or paint the impossible into existence.  It seems the 4th of July is ideally suited to celebrate and present art.  James Ratliff Gallery cordially invites the public to attend.

Great Southwest Gallery: Will be featuring over 50 different kinds of Native American pottery wedding vases and canteens!  There are both traditional and contemporary examples in all sizes and price ranges.  Some of the more popular ones are from Santa Clara Pueblo, Hopi, Acoma and Zuni.  Many of them are signed pieces.  Wedding vases are used in many traditional Native American weddings by having the bride’s family drink from one side and the groom’s from the other, therefore “joining” the two families.  Pottery canteens are more rare and were originally intended to hold water.  Both forms are difficult to make and are considered collector’s pieces.




Lanning Gallery:Lanning Gallery opens Independent Spirit on this Independence Day to showcase their gallery artists whose vision is particularly unique in nature. From unusual materials or techniques to unusual vision, the gallery celebrates artistry that breaks new ground. Stop in to see richly colored ceramic vessels purposefully broken and reformed into a new version of perfection – and that’s just one example.

Lark Art: Lark Art delights features the narrative paintings of Jay Schmetz in the exhibit While We’re Not Watching. . . The Hidden Lives of Animals.  Jay divides his time between running a sanctuary for farm animals and creating his paintings.  His unique perspective affords him heartfelt, humorous insights. Please drop by to toast his fabulous new creations!

JN Muir Sculpture Studio/Gallery:Let Freedom Ring is July’s theme at the JN Muir Sculpture Studio/Gallery in Hozho Plaza. Visitors can meet sculptor, James Muir and celebrate man’s courageous quest for truth and freedom as depicted through patriotic sculptures that honor those who have served and sacrificed for this country. This working studio and gallery is a haven for sculpture collectors and offers a behind-the-scenes look “from starting of the clay, to the finished bronze”.  Get a glimpse into Muir’s creative process and preview his upcoming works. 

Turquoise Tortoise:Turquoise Tortoise Gallery opens “Independent Spirit: Native American Artists.” Independence Day didn’t hold the same meaning for everyone in America back in 1776 so we salute those Native American descendants whose artistry still captures an indomitable sense of their ancestors’ independent spirit – yet with a modern viewpoint. Stop in to appreciate a uniquely American interpretation of our great country.



Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village:


Andrea Smith Gallery: Visit the Andrea Smith Gallery and be enlightened by the whimsical paintings of World Peace Artist Andrea Smith and amazed by the Super-realist work of Matthew Smith.  See their collection of sacred art, including Quan Yin, Ganesh & Buddha sculptures, handmade jewelry from around the world, and inspirational books about healing the spirit and finding peace on earth by finding peace within.


AZADI Fine Rugs: presents their newest exhibition: Freedom celebrating the 4th of July.  AZADI is celebrating their roots with this exhibition: Azadi is a Persian word for freedom and liberty.  Wine and appetizers and a special preview of their American Dream Contest which kicks off in August.


AZADI Navajo Rugs: Highlights stunning pieces from many designs within the Navajo tradition capturing the legacy of the Native American Spirit.


Honshin Fine Art; Gallery of Wholeness Harmony and Radiance: Celebrates the Rites of Summer: Journey into the Renewal of the Returning Light Bringing Blossoms of Wholeness, Harmony and Radiance through art. They continue their Opal Jewelry show with a new collection of opals from Australia, Mexico and the United States (oregon and nevada).  Opal is known as the stone of inner light or fire-stone:  ancient people called opal the Prometheus stone-after the god of fire. Offerings of opal set in Gold (tears of the sun) and in silver (Tears of the Moon) Unveiling new paintings By Nichoals Kirsten Honshin.  Sharing  with gallery artists in 7:00 The Gallery will be serving  local wine, and our favorite cheeses, and popcorn

Honshin Fine Art: Gallery of the Ascending Spirit: Celebrating at 7:30, Poetry on the Porch. Words falling from the sky in the present moment. Nicholas Kirsten Honshin will read recent poetry celebrating the return of the healing light of the sun. Upstairs at suite C205 in the back.

Kuivato Glass Gallery: Will be featuring the incredible work of Mary Mullaney throughout the month.  Mary creates stunning one-of-a-kind hand blown & carved vessels.   Each piece has amazing detail, light, & texture. 

Mountain Trails Gallery: Mountain Trails Galleries in Tlaquepaque celebrates Independence Day with Enduring Traditions in Bronze:  Sculpture from the American West.   Native American traditions, cowboy and cowgirl traditions, as well as family traditions are embodied in the bronze sculptures of Vic Payne, Dustin Payne, Susan Kliewer, Michael Trcic, Deon Duncan, Sandy Scott, Jim Gilmore, and Ed Yazzie.  These bronze sculptors are all inspired by their love of American history and their intention to preserve their own Western history in the art they create.

Renee Taylor Gallery: The Gallery invites you to experience an evening of contemporary artwork by Arizona artists, encompassing a wide variety of mediums including steel, plexiglass, canvas and stone.  And browse our diverse collection of international and local jewelry ranging from inexpensive copper and brass to fine 18K gold and diamond collections.  If you love art, join us this evening, you’ll be glad you did.

Rowe Fine Art Gallery:Tonight, Rowe Fine Art Gallery introduces two new painters with a special exhibit, Strokes of Independence: Nature in a New Light. Come discover the works of Montana resident Julie T. Chapman and Michigan native Kim Diment. Come cool off at Rowe Gallery, located under the bell tower at Tlaquepaque.


Uptown Sedona:

Sedona Arts Center:New artists provide the spice in any gallery. Each year the Sedona Arts Center waits in anticipation to see who will be juried in and what they will bring to the table. This month’s exhibit, New Kids on the Block shares the amazing works of these talented artists July 4-29, 2014 in Uptown Sedona. Experience the fresh new works by John Foster (Ceramics), Alicia Short (Watercolor), Viki Norris (Jewelry), Evelyn Gholson (Mixed media), Chrisanne Finefrock (Acrylics), and Elena Miras Garcia (Photography). They may be “new kids on our block” but they are not new to their art. Come celebrate First Friday, July 4th with us for our opening reception from 5 to 8 p.m.


West Sedona:

The Trolley does not currently run to the West Sedona locations.  There is ample parking at both locations.

Goldenstein Gallery: Goldenstein Gallery presents The inside Outside Show.  This stunning exhibition celebrates the power that art has to transform the atmosphere of our surrounding environment be it inside or outside. David Phelps, Glendon Good, Rafe Terry, Cheston Trammel, Frank Marquette and Dwayne Cranford are among the artists who have created pieces for this engaging and thought provoking show.

Greg Lawson’s Passion for Place: American Colors are on display at Greg Lawson Galleries with specials offered on national images in celebration of America’s glorious and picturesque diversity of landscape.  Fresh from his return to the Arctic Circle, Greg Lawson will be on hand during the “1st Friday” Gallery Tour to meet and sign copies of his exhibit format coffee table book, Natural States, featuring all fifty states of the nation. Located “out west” at 2679 West State Route 89A, at the Harmony Drive intersection.