• All guests are welcome to attend free of charge and enjoy the Sedona Trolley, which does continuous loops to all locations.

    All guests are welcome to attend free of charge and enjoy the Sedona Trolley, which does continuous loops to all locations.

  • Honshin Gallery

    Honshin Gallery

  • Bob Ichter

    Painter Bob Ichter at Gallery of Modern Masters

  • Rowe July 2012 WBCW unveiled

    Ken Rowe, Rowe Gallery during a 1st Friday Gallery Reception

1st Friday Gallery Tour

On the 1st Friday of each month, from 5:00 - 8:00 pm, members of the Sedona Gallery Association offer a unique monthly showcase highlighting artists, special exhibits, and art events. These special art receptions give locals and Sedona visitors alike the opportunity to enjoy light refreshments while beginning their weekends with an exploration of Sedona’s exciting art scene. For your convenience, the Sedona Trolley provides free transportation to venture from art gallery to art gallery with the exception of the West Sedona Galleries - Goldenstein Gallery and Greg Lawson's Passion for Place.

Hillside Sedona:

Alt Gallery: Alt Gallery will be hosting a personal appearance by nationally recognized glass artist Charles Lowrie.  From Maui, Hawaii, Charles sculpts blown glass into fantastical creations inspired by worlds under the sea and of higher consciousness.  His inspiration comes from the harmonics of jazz music and the interplay of form and color.  Meet Charles and learn the secrets of his glass artistry.  

Gallery of Modern Masters: Gallery of Modern Masters Presents husband and wife team Marlys Mallet and Michael Redhawk’s stunning “Unisons.” Featuring an abstract outer border that surrounds a more realistic center thse pieces captivate.  Hosted by Reds Restaurant there will be an artist presentation at 6:30.

James Ratliff Gallery: James Ratliff Gallery invites you to meet artist Cary Henrie and enjoy his newest magnificent paintings and his latest creations which are called Life Vessels.   These  sculptures encase natural beauty such as butterflies, dragonflies, cattails, and other interesting natural creations of Mother Earth.   All of these pieces can be viewed from both sides, which enhances the illusion that the winged creatures are in flight.   Henrie has created beautifully elaborate imagery on the sculptured vessels themselves as well. 

Great Southwest Gallery: The Great Southwest Gallery at Hillside invites you celebrate the fall season with an abundance of new items just in time for the holidays!  There are new jewelry pieces including one Tommy Singer story bracelet and one Jimmie King, Jr. sky high bracelet, both rare finds these days since Tommy Singer recently passed away and Jimmie King, Jr. is not making jewelry anymore.  Also to spruce up your table and home are the H.F. Coors hummingbird and quail dishes and new Navajo folkart chickens, hummingbirds wearing cowboy hats and boots, and even one roadrunner wearing tennis shoes!  



Lanning Gallery:Lanning Gallery’s artists’ reception opens “Brilliant Hues: Randi Solin Glass & Mark Gould Paintings” unveiling new works from both award-winning artists. Solin has practiced the art of blown glass for over twenty years; her work now in many prestigious permanent collections. Gould’s landscape paintings, with their open spaces, light and brilliant use of color are in collections internationally.


Lark Art: Lark Art invites you to join them as they celebrate “From the Land Beneath the Big Sky. . . The Zany, Whimsical Critters of Ann Bishop.”  From a gregarious goat to a magical owl to a reflective rabbit, Ann captures the spirits of the animals she paints.  Please drop by and be dazzled by Ann’s enchanting menagerie!


JN Muir Sculpture Studio/Gallery:The JN Muir Sculpture Studio/Gallery in Hozho Plaza features new works in progress as well as a compelling collection of works by allegorical bronze sculptor, James N. Muir. Visitors can meet Muir and experience the world through the eyes of this thought provoking artist.


Turquoise Tortoise:Turquoise Tortoise Gallery opens “Tradition: John MacLeod & Escalante Rugs” unveiling new selections of hand-woven rugs and pillows from top Zapotec Indian weavers who’ve practiced their weaving techniques for thousands of years. The gallery also welcomes John MacLeod with an artist reception where visitors can learn more about the meticulous traditional techniques he uses to create magnificent Native American war shirts.



Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village:

Andrea Smith Gallery: Kurt Wenner, one of the most recognized artists ever to exhibit in Sedona, is an American artist with an international following.  While most known for the invention of interactive 3D pavement art illusions, his work also includes large-scale oil paintings, ceramic murals, sculptures, decorative elements, and architectural designs for public and private clients in more than 30 countries.  Wenner has created a collection of sacred art images specifically for Andrea Smith Gallery.

AZADI Fine Rugs:Join AZADI Fine Rugs and Rosemary Chavez for a laid back evening of piano and vocals at their opening reception for this month’s exhibition “Woven Treasures.”  Many of you know Rosemary as the captivating lead vocalist of the popular groups Jazz a’la mode and PLATINUM.  During this special event she will cover songs from artists such as Bette Midler, Lionel Richie The Beatles, John Denver and many more.

AZADI Navajo Rugs: Presents From the Looms of the Master Weavers.  Proud women of the Diné, honor the old ways, creating enduring treasures of beauty and desire.  The Master Weavers’ pride in their ancestors has kept their culture alive.  They are the driving force behind the preservation of language, religion, the tribe’s customs, and the creation of spectacular rugs using traditional design methods. Finely woven textiles that seduce the eye, invite the touch, and enchant the heart.

Honshin Fine Art; Gallery of Wholeness Harmony and Radiance: Celebrates the Poetic relationship of Art, Science and Nature with new works by gallery artists Nicolas Kirsten Honshin, Kevin Petrilli, Lou Adams, Duly Mitchell and Paul Wisdom.

Honshin Fine Art: Gallery of the Ascending Spirit: Featuring a 20-minute presentation, “Words Falling from the Sky in the Present Moment.” at 7:30pm
 on the porch, Suite C205, The Gallery of the Ascending Spirit.

Kuivato Glass Gallery: Will be featuring the incredible work of Mary Mullaney throughout the month.  Mary creates stunning one-of-a-kind hand blown & carved vessels.   Each piece has amazing detail, light, & texture. 

Mountain Trails Gallery: The Colors of Autumnat Mountain Trails Galleries in Tlaquepaque features colorful and vibrant paintings by the gallery’s award-winning landscape and still-life painters:  Betty Carr, Bill Cramer, Joshua Been, Cody DeLong, Dave Santillanes, Joe Garcia, Adele Earnshaw, Marcia Molnar, Shasta Molnar, Jordyn Payne, Shanna Kunz, Simon Winegar, and EJ Paprocki.

Renee Taylor Gallery: The Gallery invites you to experience an evening of contemporary artwork by Arizona artists, encompassing a wide variety of mediums including steel, plexiglass, canvas and stone.  And browse our diverse collection of international and local jewelry ranging from inexpensive copper and brass to fine 18K gold and diamond collections.  If you love art, join us this evening, you’ll be glad you did.

Rowe Fine Art Gallery:Rowe Fine Art Gallery welcomes Navajo stone sculptor Alvin Marshall during “Stories in Stone.” Alvin will unveil a top-secret sculpture he calls “Beyond Tradition.” Meet Alvin, listen to his ancestral stories and see his wildlife and figurative sculptures. Rowe Gallery is located under the historic bell tower at Tlaquepaque. Refreshments will be served.

Uptown Sedona:

Sedona Arts Center:Sedona Arts Center looks at the 3Ds: Diverse, Dimensional & Dramatic in this month’s exhibit showing October 3–November 4, 2014. Experience diverse media, dimensional wall and pedestal art as well as dramatic creations by Dennis Ott (Ceramics), Joanne Hiscox (Mixed Media/Glass), Shirley Eichten Albrecht (Fiber/Scultpure), Shermane Frei (Fine Crafts), Dee Durkee (Fiber Vessels) and Sue Horine (Jewelry). Don’t miss the First Friday opening reception!

West Sedona:

The Trolley does not currently run to the West Sedona locations.  There is ample parking at both locations.

Goldenstein Gallery: Goldenstein Gallery Kicks off its 10th Annual Cowboys and Indians Show. This highly anticipated celebration of the American West has received international acclaim including being featured multiple years in Cowboys and Indians Magazine. Among the stars are David DeVary, Upton Ethelbah (Greyshoes),Charles Decker, SJ Shaffer, Ben Wright’s, Carla Romero, Kevin McCarthy. Refreshing beverages will be served and local favorites Frost & Frost will perform in full cowboy regalia!

Greg Lawson’s Passion for Place: Greg Lawson’s Passion for Place Gallery celebrates the season with “OctoberPhest!”  Photography and Fall color are a match made in October – a time reliable for enjoying the dramatic russets, golds, ambers, and reds of Autumn.  The gallery will focus on Fall’s flame of color where seasonal images from North America, Asia, and Europe will last long after the last leaf has fallen.